Best Brushless Rc Motor Reviewed and Rated in 2018

Are you looking for the best brushless RC motor?  It is fun to own and drive a remote control car. These cars come with plenty of excellent options, but they can suffer from performance issues. Many of these cars come with simple brushed motors which are a lot cheaper and lower the cost of the car. These types of cars are fine for people that are just into driving RC cars as a hobby.

If you want to race them or are a part of a club you might want to upgrade your RC car to a brushless motor which offers you more power and performance. There are various brushless motors you can buy for your vehicle. This guide should help you pick an RC motor for your remote control vehicle.

Before you buy, please check with your remote control manufacturer to ensure that the brushless motor you choose can be installed in your remote control car as some cars can't be upgraded.

Top 5 Best Brushless RC Motor

RCRunning 3670 2150KV 5mm 4P Sensorless Brushless Motor with 80A Brushless ESC Combo for 1/8 1/10 Monster Truck Truggy Cars

RCRunning 3670

RCRunning Brushless motor is a high torque motor design with four poles and 12 slots. It is a sensor less brushless motor the shaft is 5 mm and the total weight is 275. This motor gives you Precision balance with the rotor and it gives you smooth reliability for maximum revolutions per minute. It is specifically designed for remote control cars and gives you an excellent startup so you can get playing with your remote control car right away. There is also low voltage cut-off protection for both nickel and lithium batteries so this reduces the chances that the motor is going to overheat.


  • Copper wiring for maximum efficiency.
  • The oversized bearings offer high revolutions per minute
  • It’s a universal motor which will fit ⅛ brushless car mounting systems
  • The motor is precision balanced
  • The rotor is replaceable and removable
  • Its precision engineered to give you maximum energy conversion
  • 1200 watts
  • Shaft is 5 mm
  • 275 total weight
  • 70 mm length
  • Has 4 rotor poles
  • Package includes 0A splash proof Brushless ESC and 3670 Sensor less Brushless 2150KV Motor

Final Verdict

This motor has a lot of great features and it's easy to upgrade your current motor with this brushless motor. If you're looking for more power and performance out of your racing car, this is a great motor to get.  You get great acceleration, quick startup, and reliability with this brushless motor. The best highlight is that it has multiple protection features and a low voltage cut off for nickel and lithium batteries So there's less chance of overheating. You can easily program this brushless motor as it's compatible with pocket size program cards so you can get this brushless motor to work the way that you wanted to. For anyone that is looking to upgrade their vehicle, this is a great option as it has everything that you need for upgrading.

GoolRC 3650 3930KV 4P Sensorless Brushless Motor for 1/10 RC Racing Car Off-Road Truck

GoolRC 3650

For anyone looking to upgrade their vehicle, the GoolRC 3650 3930KV 4P Sensor less Brushless Motor Is a solid option. it features a 12 slot motor design with four poles so you get high torque. You also get a 6 billet aluminum heatsink can. It features oversized bearings for high revolutions per minute. This brushless motor is universal and we'll fit all 1/10 cars that have a brushless car multi mounting system. it is a smooth and a balanced rotor to give you maximum rpm and great reliability. The stator on this motor is very thin at just 0.3mm laminations. This is a replaceable and removable motor. It's been designed with Precision Engineering so you get the maximum energy conversion possible.


  • The max current is 60A
  • The maximum wattage is 820 w
  • The can size is 3650
  • The Max RPM is 3930KV
  • There is no sensor
  • The can length is 50 mm
  • The can diameter is 36 mm
  • The shaft diameter is 3.175 mm
  • The shaft length is 15 mm
  • It weighs 5.2 oz.
  • The package includes one 3650 3930KV 4P Brushless Motor

Final Verdict

For anyone looking to upgrade their current remote control vehicle with a brushless motor, this would be an excellent option. It has everything you need to get better performance out of your vehicle. You will get great RPM, better reliability, and more smoothness out of the vehicle due to the precision and balanced rotor that this brushless motor has.  It's built with high-quality materials and it's offered at an exceptional price. It has high-quality aluminum alloy parts that are produced on CNC milling machines so it's a great brushless motor for your vehicle. You'll get great high efficiency, more power, and a longer run time with your remote control vehicle once this brushless motor is installed.

RCRunning F540 3930KV Brushless Motor Waterproof with 45A ESC Electronic Speed Controller Combo Set 3.175mm Shaft for 1/10 RC Car Truck

RCRunning F540

This brushless motor is suitable for cars with a 1/10 scale. it's a waterproof brushless motor that uses copper windings with high purity so you get maximum efficiency out of your motor. The precise engineering of this brushless motor improves the maximum energy conversion so you get more power. You will receive it maximum revolutions per minute and great reliability with the precision balanced rotor. it offers additional smoothness when driving your remote control car. it features several protection features such as a low voltage cutoff protection as well as overheat protection and protection from signal loss. This means that the motor is going to be safe from damage that might potentially occur with other motors that don't offer this sort of protection.


  • The size is 540
  • The wattage is 820 w
  • The max voltage is 13 volts
  • The Max Amps is 60A
  • The maximum rpm is 50000
  • The length is 50 m m
  • The diameter is 35.8 mm
  • The shaft length is 15 m m
  • The shaft diameter is 3.175 mm
  • It features a 4 mm banana plug type
  • Package includes one F540 3930KV Motor and one Waterproof 45A Brushless ESC

Final Verdict

If you're looking to upgrade a car that might have a brushed motor, this brushless motor is an excellent option. It's easy to set up and easy to install into the vehicle. you can buy it a at an affordable price and you get great performance as well as quality. Since it is waterproof you will be able to take your car through terrain types that you might not be able to take other cars through. This offers you a lot of convenience especially if you want to race your vehicle and the weather outside isn’t that great. this brushless motor is a solid upgrade option for anyone that wants to replace their current brush motor or even an upgrade to their current brushless motor.

FastWin 3650 3100KV/4P Sensorless Brushless Motor with 60A Brushless ESCElectric Speed Controllerfor 1/10 RC Car Truck (3650 3100KV+60A)

FastWin 3650

This brushless motor by FastWin Is a high torque motor design. It features a T6 billet aluminum heatsink can which is CNC machined. You get high RPM thanks to the oversized bearings. It is a universal fitting brushless motor and will fit all 1/10 size brushless cars that have the multi-mounting system. It features a Precision balanced rotor so you'll get maximum revolutions per minute, great reliability, and smoothness when driving your remote control car. The stator that comes with the motor is very thin at just is 0.35 mm. the motor is both replaceable and removable and the precision engineering gives you a maximum energy conversion.


  • The Max RPM is 3100
  • The max current is 56 a
  • The can size is 3650
  • The max watts is 900
  • This brushless motor is not censored
  • The can diameter is 36 mm
  • The can length is 50 mm
  • The shaft diameter is 3.175 mm
  • The shaft length is 15 mm
  • There is a bullet connector that is 4 mm
  • It weighs 6.4 oz.
  • Package contains one 3650 3100KV 4P Sensorless Brushless Motor and one 60A Brushless Electric Speed Controller

Final Verdict

This would be the ideal choice for anyone that wants to upgrade their current remote control vehicle. If you already have a brushed motor, a brushless motor such as this one can give you more power and performance. the speed controller that comes with this package allows you to update the software so you can get this to work with your brushless motor. Other great features of this product is the protection that it offers you such as overheat protection, throttle signal loss protection and low voltage cut off protection. These protections help extend the life of your brushless motor and the other components of your remote control vehicle.

Traxxas 3350R Velineon VXL-3s Brushless Power System

Traxxas 3350R Velineon VXL-3s Brushless Power System

This brushless motor kit is a little more expensive than a simple brushless motor but it gives you everything that you need to upgrade your car. The kit includes speed control mounting plate, Velineon 3500 4-pole motor, and a VXL-3s waterproof ESC.

This brushless system is the perfect upgrade for any single motor 1/10 scale vehicle especially Traxxas vehicles. the key part of the system is that it gives total optimization for the entire system. All of the components are engineered carefully and they work seamlessly to give you great performance. All parts of the system are optimized so they eliminate restriction and give you the best power flow possible. The ESC comes with this system offers several Drive modes such as training mode, race mode, and sports mode. The training mode is nice as it allows a limit on the throttle to just 50% so new drivers can learn how to drive their remote control vehicle without having to worry as much how about crashes as you might if the motor was at 100% capacity. This package also allows for different battery options so you can pick and choose the battery that you want to use with this motor system.


  • There is an integrated on-off switch.
  • There is a large heatsink.
  • The transistors are high efficiency
  • It features a waterproof design
  • The motor uses high-temperature Neodymium magnets
  • Precision balanced motor for long life and extra power
  • Less maintenance required due to no brushes present
  • Always delivers high power and consistent power when you need it

Final Verdict

This brushless motor system has added costs when compared to just a brushless motor but you get a lot of other parts with this kit that is very beneficial. One major benefit to this system is that the ball bearings allow for a lower fiction so there's a much cooler running temperature. Vehicles that run at a hotter temperature can be a problem because the motors can wear out quickly. These ball bearings will help keep the vehicle a lot cooler so you have less issues with overheating. You'll be able to quickly and easily upgrade your entire vehicle to something that is truly unique and special with this brushless motor kit. You can take a vehicle that has a simple brushed motor and install this brushless system and get more power, performance, and reliability out of your remote control vehicle. I recommend this kit for anyone looking to upgrade their RC vehicle is it simply offers great value due to the numerous parts that are included not just the brushless motor.

Brushless Rc Motor: Buying Guide

It's important before you buy any radio controlled car to understand the difference between the brushless and the brushed motor. There are numerous considerations you have to make note of to decide which motor you want to use. While this guide covers the brushless motor, there may be times when you want a brushed motor. Here are the main differences between the two motors to help you make up your mind about which motor you want to use.

Brushed Motor

The brush motor is an electric motor that has magnets with your permanent on the outside and on the inside is a spinning armature. The magnets are stationary and we call this the stator. the armature rotates and we call this the rotor. Since around the late 1800s, these are a very simple type of motor and they've been used in many applications and not just remote control cars.

One of the main problems with the brushed motor is that they can burn out quite quickly. The brushes on the motor will wear down and these will require replacement. The best way to prolong the life of your motor is to clean it often. Another problem tends to be in inadequate heat dissipation which is caused by the limitations of the rotor. Other problems caused by electromagnetic interference can also be an issue which is caused by the brush arcing. The brush motor is often the first choice in any remote control car because it is simply less expensive when you compare it to the brushless motor.  Many beginners that don't have a lot of money to spend on their remote control car or probably end up with one with a brushed motor.


  • They use two wire control
  • You can often rebuild them to extend their life.
  • They are lower cost when compared to brushless motors
  • Since there is a lack of electronics you can use them in various environments


  • They require a lot of maintenance
  • The speed in the torque of the motor is moderately flat so they're usually not as fast as the brushed motor
  • There is a poor heat dissipation which can lead to breakdowns of the motor
  • Since there is brush arcing, these motors tend to be a lot louder.

Brushless Motor

Brushless motor technology has been around for several decades. The main difference between the brushless and the brush motor is that the brushless simply doesn't use any sort of brush. The brushless motor doesn't rely on brushes it uses eectronics to accomplish the task. The electronic switching of currents to the motor coils in the brushless motor is considered to be more efficient when you compare it to the mechanical switching which you'll find in a regular brushed motor. The brushless motor also does not wear out as much overtime since you don't have to replace any brushes. The brushless motor is basically a maintenance free and it generates a very low electrical noise. You can operate your brushless motor at a higher voltage so they're more efficient. As a result of the sufficiency, the brushless motor can have more speed which means your remote control car is going to go faster when it has a brushless motor.


  • Since there are no brushes there is less mechanical maintenance required
  • The torque and the speed is flat so you get good operation at all speeds
  • More efficient when compared it to brushed motors


  • There is a higher cost to the brushless motor when compared it to the brush motor
  • You need an electric controller for operation and this can be more expensive than the actual motor.

Brushless Motor Timing

Most people that race are using brushless motors. The main attraction to these motors is that you can change the timing of the motor. Here is a guide that will show you how to change the timing of your motor so you get the most out of it.

Understanding Timing

The timing of a brushless motor is the relationship between the phases of the stator and the motor's sensors. When you increase timing, you will increase the revolutions per minute and the temperature of the motor but decrease the efficiency, torque, and the runtime. When you decrease the timing, this does the opposite. You can think of the timing change like a gear change in a regular car but the changes are subtler than this.

Adjusting Timing

It will depend upon the brushless motor system that the car is using. Many of the speed controls can be changed by software which can adjust the timing of the motor. You can also change the timing on the motor physically. you will loosen three screws that are located on the endbell and then you rotate this counter clockwise which will align the timing marks. If you don't know how to do this or don't understand how to do it, simply take it to a hobby shop or your local remote control car club and they will show you how to adjust the timing on your remote control car.

When You Should Change Timing

You want to adjust the timing of the motor based upon temperature. You can take the car through a full two minutes or so run. You can then check the temperature of the motor if it is below 180 degrees Fahrenheit this is the threshold required for most motors. If it is above 180 degrees the motor will tend to lose power and it might fail. The high temperature and also cause the magnets to lose strength. If the motor on your vehicle is at or above 180 degrees you can adjust the motor timing and then check this. If the vehicle is running cool, you can also adjust the timing. If your motor is around a hundred and forty degrees Fahrenheit or higher this is usually a good indication that it is running well. It's just that when the motor gets above 180 degrees that you should have a bit of a concern.  If you are racing you might want to play around with the timing a bit to get more performance out of your remote control vehicle. You can always speak to professionals such as those at your local remote control racing club to determine the best timing for your vehicle.  By adjusting the timing on your remote control vehicle you can get a jump on your competition and maximize the performance of your remote control vehicle so you win more races.


Have fun with your remote control vehicle. You can learn a lot by taking them apart and changing various aspects of the vehicle such as the motor system. While a brushed motor is perfectly fine for your vehicle and is usually recommended for beginners You can get more power and performance out of your motor when you upgrade it to a best brushless RC motor system and this is the ideal choice if you want to get into racing.

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