Top Amazing Best RC Buggy to Buy in 2018: Review and Buying Guide

‚ÄčAre you looking for the best RC buggy car? There are many different models on the market when it comes to buggy cars. These vehicles are fun to drive and to operate for both children as well as adults. It's great to take these cars out and race them or just enjoy the overall hobby.

If you're like me, you might be confused by all the choice of vehicles in the marketplace today. To make it easier for you to find a great RC buggy car I have reviewed many of them for you and also wrote a short guide to help you pick out your own RC buggy car. This is a fun hobby and I hope you enjoy your new RC buggy car. if you want to get into serious racing, I would consider joining a remote control car racing club where you can race your RC buggy car.

Top 5 Best RC Buggy

VATOS RC Car, Remote Control Car Electric Racing Car Off-Road 1:16 Scale Desert Buggy Vehicle 2.4GHz 50M 2WD High-Speed Electric Race Monster Truck Hobby Rock Electric Buggy Crawler Best Toy Car


This vehicle has a 2 wheel drive independent suspension so it is perfect for racing. You get great traction with this vehicle and it's perfect for multiple terrain types. this vehicle is perfect for asphalt, back to dirt, streets, and similar services. You get 15 minutes of driving time with this vehicle before you have to recharge it. You can recharge this vehicle via your computer USB Port so that is a handy feature. It will take around 180 minutes to recharge. The vehicle itself is made out of engineering nylon so it can resist impacts and this also makes the vehicle more durable. The shell for the vehicle is made out of tough PVC plastic which won't bend or break and this plastic shell can help protect the vehicle from impacts.

 the control for the buggy gives you right, left, reverse, and forward positioning. You can drive this vehicle in both indoor and outdoor settings and it gives you a full 15 km per hour. the vehicle can be controlled up to around $15 so you have plenty of driving space to enjoy the experience.


  • Looks great
  • Easy to control


  • No 4-wheel drive which would be better

Final Verdict

I like this vehicle because it has a high-speed motor so you get a decent speed when driving it. There's a nice shock system with a helical spring which adds to the driving experience as this keeps the vehicle sturdy. it also has great rubber tires which have a shockproof gasket inside of them so you get better operation and grip and the tires tend to last longer when compared to other ones. The interior of the vehicle is also nicely decorated and gives a more realistic feel to the vehicle. This would be an excellent vehicle for anyone that wants to get into RC buggy racing or general remote control racing as it's a top quality product.

GoStock RC Car, Remote Control Car Racing Buggy Car, 1:16 Scale 2WD 2.4Ghz Electric High-Speed RC Truck Off-Road Vehicle

GoStock RC Car

This RC Buggy car has a powerful motor and gives you a top speed of up to 15 mph. This vehicle can withstand tough terrain types such as gravel, dirt and similar terrains There's an independent suspension system so you get great handling with the vehicle. It comes with a 2.4 gigahertz control system so it offers easy operation and there's no electrical interference when you drive the vehicle.

This car is suited for casual driving as well as racing. It comes with an 8V/500mAh rechargeable battery and you can charge it via that USB or use a power bank. At the maximum speed, you get 15 minutes of playtime and it takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge the vehicle. The battery is easy to access as there's a bottom loading battery compartment. The vehicle itself has a tough body so it's perfect for children that might be a little bit more rough with the vehicle. You can take the vehicle through all sorts of play and not have to worry about it getting damaged.he vehicle can be operated up to 50 meters so there's plenty of play area for either children or adults to enjoy operating this vehicle.


  • Looks authentic
  • Easy to drive


  • Not as many features as similar vehicles
  • Controller a little cumbersome

Final Verdict

This is an excellent vehicle for anyone that wants to get into RC buggy racing or general remote control car operation. The vehicle itself is quite easy to operate. I like the fact that it's made out of a tough ABS plastic and PVC materials which allow the vehicle to withstand collisions and crashes which are going to occur with this sort of vehicle. I do wish there was a little bit more play time as 15 minutes really isn't enough. It would be nice if the vehicle had an extra 5 minutes or so as this would be a better option.

STOTOY Remote Control Car,1/18 Scale 4WD RC Car Electric Racing Car Off-Road RC Monster Truck RTR Desert Buggy Vehicle 2.4Ghz High Speed with Rechargeable Batteries 

STOTOY Remote Control Car

This vehicle has exceptional speed at over 20 kilometers an hour and it also has a four-wheel drive drivetrain. you get stable and consistent performance with this vehicle along with the great speed. There's a fully independent and flexible suspension system with 4 coil springs so the vehicle is nice and stable. you can take this one across all different types of terrains as the 4 wheel drive system allows for better traction when compared to other vehicles. It will soak up all the bumps and bangs along the way and still keep on driving. there's a 2.4 gigahertz remote control system and you get a control distance of up to 50 m so there's plenty of play area for everyone.

 The vehicle itself is quite easy to handle so is perfect for both beginners or experienced users as you won't have to fiddle with the controller like you do with some other RC buggy cars. Other added features include a realistic bumper, elastic coating, rugged tires, and the main body which is shock absorbing. You will get around 15 minutes of use on the rechargeable batteries That come with the vehicle.


  • It looks authentic
  •  nice decals on the outside


  • Could use a longer battery life

Final Verdict

This is an excellent RC buggy car for both beginners or those that have been into the hobby For some time. This is the ideal vehicle for off-road racing since it has a four-wheel drive system which gives it more stability and handling across difficult terrain types such as gravel or dirt. the shockproof body on the vehicle also means that it can withstand the bumps and bangs along the way that tends to happen quite frequently to these sorts of vehicles, especially during the racing. It's made out of quality PVC materials so you're going to get a long life out of it. The speed is also impressive when compared to other vehicles in the market. There's also a simulated damping technology feature so the car can be balanced when you're driving over different terrains.  I feel this is an excellent vehicle option for anyone that wants to get into RC buggy racing. This car also has a lower cost when compared to some other vehicles so that is also a plus.

AHAHOO 1:24 Scale RC Car Rock Racing Cars 2.4Ghz High-Speed Off-Road Vehicle Truck Electric Fast Race Buggy (Blue)

AHAHOO 1/24 Scale RC Car

This vehicle is made of tough ABS plastic which is also environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It has a nice spray paint design which gives it an authentic look. It comes with rubber tires and these can be adjusted depending upon the terrain type that the vehicle is going over. this vehicle can reach a speed up to 9 miles per hour. The steering system allows you to drive it right, left, reverse, and forward and there's also brake control. You get a 2.4 gigahertz controller which has a strong frequency and the controller is stable. You can also race multiple cars with one controller if you wish. You get 20 minutes of playing time and there's also a rechargeable battery which charges fully in around 2.5 hours. The controller itself has a range of around 20 meters so there's plenty of space for those that are driving it.


  • Nice look
  • Easy Driving


  • Poor speed

Final Verdict

I think this would make a perfect option for someone that just getting into the hobby. I make this assumption because the vehicle is a lot slower than other vehicles on the current market. While the slower speed might not be to the liking of some individuals, it's great for beginners because they'll be able to learn how to drive their RC vehicle easier when there's a slower speed and they won't have to worry about crashes as much The vehicle itself is quite stable and it comes with great tires which are an added plus. The vehicle is well-suited to any sort of driving as it can handle the impacts and the crashes which are going to occur when there's someone just learning how to drive an RC Buggy car.

Distianert 1:12 Scale 4WD RTR Rock Crawler Electric RC Car 2.4GHz Radio Remote Control High-Speed 45KM/H Best RC Buggy On-Road Off-Road Racing Rock Crawling

Distianert Buggy Car

This is an exceptional vehicle for anyone that wants to get into RC buggy racing. It features a 390 brushless motor and this gives you a top speed of up to 45 miles per hour which is exceptional speed for this sort of a vehicle. It comes with two sets of rechargeable batteries.  You get driving time of up to half an hour so you have more time to enjoy your vehicle before you have to recharge it again. Each battery gives you 15 minutes each but since there is a pair, you get 30  minutes of driving time.

The vehicle as a 4-wheel drive independent suspension so it can go through difficult terrain types such as mud, grass, sand, and other terrains. it gives you exceptional performance on various surfaces and the vehicle is weatherproof. This is a perfect vehicle for both adults and children that want to get into RC buggy racing or general remote control racing. The control distance is up to 75 meters so you get longer range with the controller when you compare it to other vehicles.


  • Professional looking vehicle
  • Big Tires


  • Expensive when compared to other vehicles

Final Verdict

This vehicle has a little more added cost when compared to other vehicles it's an exceptional value. It's made with shock resistance and elastic PVC materials so you'll get great consistency, durability, and stability when going over surfaces with the vehicle. The vehicle tires, are large and wide so they have more resistance and can hold on to the surfaces better than other tires can. The vehicle feels like an off-road vehicle and gives you great performance. It's the perfect vehicle for those that want to spend a little bit more money on their RC buggy to get better performance.

Best RC Buggy: Buying Guide

Before you buy the best RC buggy, there are a few things you need to think about. There are many different RC buggies in the current market so you have to have an idea of what you're looking for before you buy. Here are some tips to make your buying decision a lot easier.

How Will You Use Your RC Buggy Car?

You need to consider exactly how you're going to use your RC Buggy car. You can drive these vehicles over various terrain types but for in a buggy you might be more inclined to drive it over rougher services like gravel, dirt, and similar surfaces. These vehicles are a little bit more rugged for those types of surfaces. You'll still get the best performance from the buggy car on harder surfaces like pavement and concrete. when you drive the vehicle over rougher surfaces you always run the risk that the car might be damaged simply because the terrain has more holes, dips, and other obstacles for the vehicle. You also run the risk that the vehicle might run into a small puddle of water which could damage your vehicle. Whenever you drive the vehicle over a rougher terrain you should scan the terrain to make sure there's nothing in the way that could potentially damage your vehicle.


One of the best things about an RC buggy car is that you can use it for racing. Many people join remote control clubs where they take part in racing events. This can be a great place to meet new people that have the same hobby that you do. You will also learn a lot about the industry and the best cars to use if you intended to get into racing. If you're new two remote control cars and racing in general, joining a club is a great way to understand the hobby in a greater detail. You can always take a stock buggy car and add new parts to it such as different tires, a more powerful motor, and other features to make the car more unique to you. People at the club can show you how to do this if you don't know how to work on your RC car so you'll probably learn a lot of tips on customization and how to get the most out of your new RC buggy car.


 RC buggy cars come with two different types of motors. These are the brushed motor and the brushless motor. It's up to you to determine which is going to be the best motor for your vehicle. For example, some Vehicles will come standard with a brushed motor, but you can still install a brushless motor on some models. Before you buy a vehicle you should ensure that it is customizable so you can change the motor if you prefer. Some vehicles especially on the lower end, don't offer you much customization so you need to ensure that you get one that can be customizable.

  • Brushed Motor

Since the beginning of the buggy car hobby, you've been able to get the brushed motor. This is a very common the motor and they are quite cheap when compared to the brushless motor. The main problem with a brushed motor is that it allows debris, dirt, sand, into the motor more often then when you compare it to the brushless motor. For an RC buggy car, it's a good idea to go with a brushless motor because the brushed motor is just not going to be as good especially when you take this type of vehicle on a rougher terrain type. The brush motor also tends to wear out a lot faster. On the plus side, this motor is a lot cheaper so you won't have to spend a lot on your vehicle. If you're just a casual remote control car user, this is probably the best motor to get. If you want to get more serious into the industry I would go with a brushless motor.

  • Brushless Motor

The main advantages of the brushless motor is that it's more efficient, more durable, and it has more speed. The downside to this motor is that it is more expensive when compared to the brush motor. This motor will last a long time but that comes at the expense of the added cost. If you buy a vehicle with a brush motor, you can install the brushless motor but you just have to have to be aware that there will be added costs. many vehicles can be upgraded with the brushless motor so you might want to go this route or simply buy a vehicle that has a brushless motor. Just be aware that you're going to be spending more on the vehicle if you get one that has the brushless motor.

Wheel Type

There are various wheel types that you can get with these types of vehicles such as both a two-wheel drive version and 4-wheel drive version. you will have to decide the type of wheels that you want to get..

  • Two Wheel Drive

buying an RC buggy car with just two-wheel drive doesn't make much sense because these vehicles tend to be driven over rougher surfaces And this type of wheel system might not be able to handle different surfaces. On the plus side to a 2 wheel drive vehicle are a bit more difficult to handle and this is a plus because you can gain experience you can gain experience with remote control cars when you buy a two-wheel drive version. the downside to this is that it can lead to frustration as the vehicle is just simply harder to control and it's not recommended for beginners.

  • Four Wheel Drive

The best option for any RC buggy car is the 4 wheel drive version. This type of vehicle it will go where you wanted to go and there's more traction because of the four-wheel drive system. You'll get much better performance with a four-wheel-drive RC buggy car and they are more suited to the rougher terrain which is associated with buggy car driving.  If you want the best type of RC buggy car I would go with one that has four-wheel drive and a brushless motor as this will give you the best performance. The downside to this, of course, is going to be the added cost as these features or simply more expensive.


There are lot of choices when it comes to the best RC buggy car. Ultimately the choice is going to be up to you about the vehicle that you bye. These cars give you a lot of fun and entertainment for both adults as well as children. It's a good idea to join a racing club if you want to make this a serious hobby but these cars are perfect for just casual remote control car enthusiasts as well.

I hope you enjoy your new RC buggy car as they are plenty of fun especially when you get into the racing aspect of them although you don't have to do this.

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