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If you are a fan of racing cars, you must know the existence of RC drift cars, and probably even want to own one. Drift cars are quite different from other racing vehicles for numerous reasons. The most obvious one is the capability to drift or turn when cornering. This often causes drift cars to elude traction, enabling the controllers to show off their skills. The drifting ability also enhances racing experience, which allows players to take control over their cars on the race.

The stereotypes about RC drift cars are equivalent to its popularity. Some people think that you should get the highest speed cars in order to receive the best drifting experience. Some argue that you should buy the most expensive to ensure the durability as well as the performance of the car.

I am a fan of drift cars myself. After doing a sheer volume of research, I can assure that this is not really the case. You don’t need to buy the highest speed cars nor the most expensive one in order to experience the fun and enjoyment of car racing. To illustrate my point, I have drawn up a list of 5 best RC drift cars, so that you can compare and contrast  RC drift cars with various features and price range.

​The Best 5 RC Drift Cars

1. Liberty Imports Drift King Car

​Liberty Imports Drift King Car

Are you a newbie in the racing world? Or are you looking for a gift for your younger brother or son? Then you should start off with something easy to handle and not too expensive to grieve over any damages. Liberty Imports Drift King Car offers a 4W drive experience, which allows the car to speed up at 15 km/h. For a cheap drift car, this speed is phenomenal. Also, the transmitter works perfectly in any conditions, meaning you gain complete control over the vehicle on the race.

The remote controller came with the package is packed with functionalities. When it comes to performance, the remote controller allows you to steer four directions, left to right, forward and backward with ease. Furthermore, it also enables you to complete the 8-shaped or u-moved drift technique. For beginners, this is worth the money.

The car comes with lights, headlights to sidelights. This allows you to race even at night. Just imagine the sparkling body of it with the beams of light. The car also offers two sets of tires; both are rubber-made. The four tires are flat, which enhance the drifting experience and minimise any potential damages.

What may worry many people is that this model requires a lot of energy. If you don’t want to stop in the middle and replace the battery, chances are you need to buy a set of cells. In any case, the maximum playtime is around 20 minutes. The headlights can also be a real eyesore, especially when you try to drift. All in all, I would recommend this model to anyone who wants to start their journey with drift cars. This car can also be an excellent gift for both adults and children since it is effortless to handle.


  • Cheap car under $50
  • Surprisingly fast
  • Built-in headlights, sidelights and rear lights
  • The transmitter is receptive   


  • Maximum playtime is limited due to the enormous energy requirement
  • The headlight can be a nuisance sometimes

2. Exceed RC MadDrift Electric Brushless Limited Edition Drift Car

Exceed RC MadDrift Electric Brushless Limited Edition Drift Car

Though this is not the most expensive one, the Exceed RC MadDrift comes with a price that makes some people hesitate to buy. However, there are numerous reasons why it deserves a chance on the race and why over $300 is a good investment.

First of all, the design is catchy. This model is made beautifully with a comprehensive look. Compared to its counterparts, the car is a bit low. However this seemingly design’s fault attributes to the low centre of gravity. Thanks to this feature, the car can drift and race at high speed while maintaining its permanency.

As can be perceived, Exceed builds this MadDrift with sturdy material, so it can withstand any street conditions that could quickly leave scratches or damage the car. The oil-filled shocks wrapped in aluminium intensify its robustness and allows it to stand against any rough terrains.

MadDrift equipped with a pistol transmitter of 2.4GHz, which allows players to control the car while on the road adequately. The brushless motor features 100A BH electronic speed control, which enables it to maximise the performance and drifting technique. Since this is limited edition, you may not find these beautiful features in other models of Exceed.

Exceed makes sure that all controlling units are latest. This car is also armed with both front and rear transmissions, which helps you maintain the control while speeding up. All in all, this is an absolute yes for fans of racing cars. This limited edition features so many wonders that could allow you to explore and enjoy the racing experience. On the other hand, it’s quite expensive. Plus, you have to buy additional batteries and charger for the radio since the manufacturer doesn't supply them.


  • Low centre of gravity enhances stability
  • Foam bumper for extra protection from physical damage
  • Two sets of lipo batteries prolong racing period    


  • No charger and batteries for radio included
  • Not for on-budget players

3. Redcat Lightning EPX PRO Racing EP Brushless Touring Car

Redcat Lightning EPX PRO Racing EP Brushless Touring Car

Once you get the Redcat racing EPX drift car, you will soon notice that the body of this model is made of polycarbonate, which reflects colour vividly. Redcat offers two types of bodies for its customers to choose from: one looks more modern, the other is a typical racing car. The shocks are made of aluminium and filled with oil. That way, the car can do transmissions quite flexibility.

Redcat has made this model with 26mm wheels. These types of wheels are top-notch when it comes to drifting and driving at high speed. The remote control enables you to control more than one car at the same time. This way, the racing will be fascinating for both adults and children.

The radio system of 2.4GHz coupled with the battery of 7.2 volts are another highlights of this model. The transmission frequency allows you to take control of the car and are able to direct, speed up, and drift whenever you want. One drawback is the package doesn’t include batteries for the radio, which means you have to buy external batteries for it. The radio will need a couple of AA batteries. You can buy them in any electrical shops. 

The motor type is electric brushed 27T 540. This powerful motor together with the tires, which are specially designed for racing cars, enable the car to perform the excellent drifting move when cornering. You will see how amazing it is when the car drifts without losing its momentum.

In order to uphold the control, you need to drive at 4WD. And don’t worry about this since the plastic chassis will take care of the rest. This is probably the best RC drift car under $200 you can find. Redcat is a famous brand when it comes to drifting racing cars, so you can totally entrust them with the money. The drawback is quite trivial. When the car is 50ft high, the transmission frequency is weakened, and you will find it hard to maintain the control over the car. Other than that, this is really the best drift car in its kinds.


  • Various types of bodies to choose
  • Two radio transmission types to enhance the control of the car
  • Useful features    


  • The radio doesn’t work well
  • You have to buy an external battery for the radio

4. Exceed RC MadSpeed Drift King Brushless Edition Drift Car

Exceed RC MadSpeed Drift King Brushless Edition Drift Car

Exceed is not an amateur in drift car manufacturing. As a result, their MadSeep Drift King brings numerous invaluable features to its players. To begin with, when it refers to the design, MadSeep Drift King is entirely on point. The body is designed strikingly with pulsating colours and sporty look.

The Madspeed drift king offers another outstanding feature. It comes with LED lights around the car, in the interior, the front and rear as well. You may wonder why do you need this feature for? Unsurprisingly, this can require quite a lot of energy, thus affects the racing period. If you use this feature long enough, you may only race for less than 10 minutes.

On the other hand, this feature is exceptionally outstanding when you race at night. You see what I mean? Your racing car will make magic while running with lights at night, hand downs!

If you haven’t been impressed with the LED lights, then, maybe the low COG could somehow change your mind about this model. Low COG (centre of gravity) allows the Madspeed drift king to strike a balance on the race, especially when you are driving at high speed and about to drift.

When it comes to drifting, this car is excellent. Its low wheel-spinning capacity makes this model one of the most rated platform for racing cars. The powerful motor of 380 3000KV Brushless together with the 35A speed control allows the tires to perform without hassles and enable the RPMs for drifting moves when cornering.

What I don’t like about Exceed models is that they never include chargers. Since their price is quite above-average, the total cost could be more than the initial offer. What’s more, the manufacturer says that this model is only 3.3 lb (or 1496 gr.). However, this is not the case. You will see that this model is a bit heavier than the actual weight. This could be a drawback on the road. Furthermore, the LED lights could be only for decoration since they cause quite a lot of power to maintain. If you want to extend the race, you may not want to stop in the middle and charge.

Nevertheless, this Madspeed drift king is my favourite one. It is packed with useful features that enable high-speed drifting and top-notch performance. If you are looking for a racing car with power, this is the one you should buy.


  • The transmission frequency works perfectly
  • Powerful brushless motors enhance the overall performance
  • Foam bumper adds protection against external impacts
  • Led lights included


  • The charger is not included
  • This model is quite heavy
  • The LED lights can cause batteries to run out faster.

5. GoStock RC Drift Cars

GoStock RC Drift Cars

GoStock 1/12 Scale Drift Car offers the utmost beautiful capacities with an affordable price. You can own this model with under $100. Plus, the features make it even more valuable.

Let’s consider the design first.  GoStock makes this model so appealing with a hardcore-looking style. The four wheels of GoStock can move independently and maintain the suspension while cornering. The model features a shock absorption system, which allows it to withdraw from external impacts.

The rubber tires and mental disparities allow this drift car to tackle even the toughest terrain. This really an important point that makes GoStock 1/12 Scale Drift Car stands out from its opponents. The tires’ design allows the car to adapt to any ground, from flat to gravel topography. Furthermore, GoStock even comes with 4CH steering and 2-speed system that enable players to maximise the speed while maintaining performance. The drift also comes smoothly without any scratches.

The powerful 2.4GHz transmitter enables players to take full control over their racing cars in every condition. This model doesn’t require any extra wireless meddling in order to run smoothly. Therefore, both adults and children can handle it. The 9.6 volts 700mah rechargeable lithium-ion battery can be fully charged within 2 hours. This is a relatively short charging time compared to many RC drift cars. The downside is the battery life is quite disappointing since it only lasts for 10 minutes. The only thing you don’t want to do is to stop your intense racing game and charge the car. And that could happen quite often with this model.

Another thing to note is that turning the car on and off isn’t easy. You have to separate the body, find the button under the battery cage, turn the car on/off and then put everything together again. This could be annoying sometimes. Apart from that, this car is a wonderful choice for those who look for useful features and affordable prices.


  • The 4 CH steering and 2 speeds enable the best performance
  • Four wheels move independently, making it easier for the car to race on rough terrain
  • Suspension works perfectly    


  • The 10-minute play isn’t outstanding
  • The on/off feature is complicated

How to choose RC drift cars

Chances are if you want to buy the best RC drift car, you may want to know which factors contribute to its performance and durability. This section is devoted to those kinds of factors. You should decide based on these factors when considering an RC drift car.


How much you are willing to pay largely determines the car’s performance and its durability. If you're going to have cars with valuable features and high longevity, you may need to spend a bit more on expensive models. However, it doesn’t mean that inexpensive ones are all disappointing. In fact, many car models under $100 can perform flawlessly. It’s entirely up to your willingness to pay for a drift car.


You don’t want to invest $100 or $200 for a car that will crash beyond repair after several drives. Make sure that you put the car durability on top of the must-consider factors. Attentively look for models that offer a resistant chassis or shock absorption system. That way, the inner components will be protected from external impacts.

Car Brands

Let’s me get this straight. Cars with famous brands are often more expensive than those ordinary ones. No car manufacturers want to ruin their reputation with cheap materials and lies about cars’ features and durability. Therefore, popular drift cars often come with sturdy materials with added protection so that they are shock and sometimes scratch-resistant. This results in the above-average prices for most famous vehicles.

However, before making any purchase, you should also consider also cars of less known brands. Why? Since the competition between car brands are getting hostile, the newcomers want to draw attention from the potential audience; therefore, their cars are often inexpensive and topped up with features. Some affordable cars from less famous brands even offer more competitive features than those from the famous ones. My advice is if you want to have a car with the infamous brand and secured features, go for the famous one. If not, those which are less famous should be enough.

The speed

Another essential factor to consider is the speed of drift cars. Generally, drift cars are made with slightly higher speed than other varieties of RC cars. This is because low-speed cars can’t perform drifting while maintaining the suspension. The question is how fast should a drift car be.

Most people would instantly answer as fast as possible. Of course, when choosing a racing car, we all want it to perform and race against other cars at the highest speed. Since drift cars offer top speed than their counterparts, it’s not the speed against other cars but the appropriate speed for drifting.

Unlike popular opinions, drift cars shouldn’t come with the highest speed. In fact, this could be an obstacle when you want to drift. The most top speed makes it hard for the car to strike a balance and maintain control when cornering. Therefore, you don’t have to look for the vehicle with the highest speed. Instead, the one with average speed that allows the car to perform marvellous drifting should be taken into consideration.


Rc drift cars often come with two types of motors: brushed and brushless motors. Brushless motors are recently used to upgrade cars’ performance, allowing cars to race in any physical conditions with robust and strong engines. Brushed ones, on the other hand, are the old version of motors. You will notice that most cheap brands and old-version cars use brushed motors, while the expensive ones prefer brushless.

Brushless motors rock the engines, allowing the players to speed up the car and maintain the car speed as long as they want. The downside is this kind of motor craves for energy. Typically, brushless motors have limited playtime. However, they are more durable. High qualified brushless motors are calculated by the turns, or T. Best motors often range between 5T to 12T.

Other than that, brushed motors are addressed by KVs. The KVs affect directly to the performance of the cars. For example, if the KV rating is higher RPMs of the car is also higher. On the other hand, if the KV rating is low, the torque is better.


I hope this list and guideline would be useful for anyone who is about to buy RC drift cars. As a drift car fan, I have tried to present the instruction for purchasing the best RC drift car as smooth and coherent as possible. The list of 5 RC drift cars offers the most condensed and excellent drift cars for both adults and children. Last but not least, never make a quick decision. After all, you have to invest a reasonable sum of money into this car, so you’d better draft out what you need in a drift car and how much you can afford it. That way, you can choose the top-notch drift car that suits your budget and preferences.

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